Why We Unschool: In Words

When we got together with friends this week, we talked about how hard it is, in general, to have kids experience this pandemic. Our friends have their children in school and we talked a lot about how this is not our normal.

This isn’t how our unschooling life usually looks like and we are just getting through too. I won’t tell you how many times I ordered take-out this week, but it was way more often than I cooked and I promise, my home is a mess.

The restrictions and the anxiety that is in the air about the things that are opening up are real things and it’s a challenge to check in with ourselves, keep our own cups filled to navigate it all with our children.

Yeah, it’s hard.

I could write post after post on why we unschool and I look forward to sharing that here when I am not in this tired-exhausted-pigeon state.

One of mine woke me up at 5am this morning, asking to play a game and it made my mama heart leap in happiness, even while I grumbled about it in my head.

Moments like these are the reason we unschool. To have that freedom of choice, the freedom of thought, the confidence to know that the only “consequence” to waking up early is mama is going to put on coffee first, and the trust to know that the need will be met: seeking out one on one time, on their own terms.

Waking up at 5 am has never been my favourite part of the mama gig, but this is my favourite reason.

Here is why we unschool:



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