Welcome to Novaugust!

With the unseasonal warm temperatures in these parts, I have seen it dubbed as “Novaugust” and I love that so much. I am also fond of the NoSnowNovemember.

There has been lots of soaking up the sunshine, playing in the parks and fields, long meandering walks, ice cream? Yes! In November, on a park bench? Yes.

To think of this as late fall, or the season next to winter, is kind of odd, but it is that on the calendar and yes, soon enough the winter and the snow will be here. I admit though, I am putting off the wintery-tasks-like buying socks-and just enjoying these bright warm days.

Soaking in the days and the motherhood as it comes. Is the weather unusual or is it my reaction to it? If I stuck to a schedule, would I feel like I was missing out on the extra doses of sunshine because I am bent on completing the “start of winter” things? Would I feel like I am behind?

If I was worried about following someone else’s timetable, would I feel cooped up? Boxed in? Would creativity stop flowing? Or would it build until the next season, exploding after having a lid on it, all this time?

There have been times that I have experienced both, and I got to say, I prefer the constant flow of creativity, to the creativity being cooked under pressure.

Hope you are finding patches of sunlight, friends!

And if you need any art, my partner has a special on portraits right now!


An unschooling mama witch, writing about finding magick in the every day.

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