Review Policy

Hello & welcome to my Review policy! Have a look around, get a feel for what I am writing about and who I am. I love to find that rare thing, that book I haven’t seen before, that game that makes me want to play for hours and that product that makes the chaos a bit more chill. Please send me an inquiry first, before sending me your book/game/product and while I am oh so happy to accept hard copies, please note, I am in Canada & postage is a real thing. Here’s where to reach me:



I am open to receiving the following books for review:

Picture Books/Children’s Fantasy/Chapter Books

Non-fiction books on self-directed learning, unschooling & related subjects.

I am open to accepting formats in ARC/Galleys/Finished Copies/E-books and I am open to reviewing from self-published & indie-published authors.


We love games! I’m especially interested in games that are open-ended/co-operative, have strategy as part of game-play and has a well thought out storyline. I am open to accepting games from the suggested ages Preschool to 8.

Example of what I want: A game that uses whole words in gameplay, with a map and a storyline.


Do you have a product that will make my unschooling life easier? Do you have something unique that comes in a box or something that promotes open-ended play and learning? I would be interested in it!


Get in touch here:


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