Hire Me!

I love meeting people who are passionate about what they do and are looking for ways to share what they do and what they offer with others.

Publicity Plotting Consultations 

I offer pay-what-you-can Publicity Plotting Consultations, are you working on promoting your service, company or book? Maybe you are finding it overwhelming and looking for a more heart-connected way to go about this marketing thing or maybe you want new ideas and lots of encouragement. My Publicity Plotting Consultations offer in-depth, personalized suggestions to help you connect to your audience and show you that you got this! Publicity Plotting Consultations are done through email, I ask you a few questions, look at your materials and with input from you, generate personalized suggestions for you to apply to your promoting efforts. Interested? Drop me a line: admin@raisingmagick.com


Things People Pay Me For: 

Offer strategy and tips on reaching and growing an audience

Connecting your service to your community

Working with you, to generate ideas on how to get people to your door

Review your publicity and communication efforts and make suggestions (I createTip Sheets, which are customized, suggestions that you can do to improve your outreach)

Researching media and promotion opportunities (magazines you can write for, media you can be featured in, etc)


Author and Books 

Need suggestions on book marketing and author promotion? I’m your person!


Why I’m Good At This 

There might be ten authors, but there is only one you. There might be twenty personal development coaches, but there is only one you. I listen to what you want and what your goals are and what your frustrations are and I take into account what you don’t want and where you want to go.

I have been working with authors, publishers and books since 2008 and that expanded to include organizations, services and businesses.


Connect Here: admin@raisingmagick.com