Lids And Things

Picture showing different coloured marker lids to illustrate the piles of lids that were on our living room floor

Our big bed is on the floor at the moment and it makes a fantastic thing to jump on.

The other day,  my kids ran into our room, to play their jumping game and my youngest paused and moved my Kobo to a safer location before starting the game.

This snowy cold morning, I trample down annoyance at being the only one to put the lids back on the markers.

And maybe, in some other household, the reasoning would be not to put the lids back on the markers and leave them to try out to teach some kind of lesson…but would only teach that stuff is disposable.

In this home, where we strive for harmony and co-operation, where we respect each other’s things and each other’s time, I take a deep breath, finish putting the lids back on and then go join them in their play.

I take care of their things because I want them to take care of mine. I don’t interrupt what they are doing and call them back to tidy up because I want them to respect my time. I’m not in the middle of something, in this instance, I have the time to look after the things.

I want them to know, that both their time and their things are worthy of respect. And no matter how I circle to it, kindness is always, not only the answer but the at least.


An unschooling mama witch, writing about finding magick in the every day.

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