For The Winter Solstice, 10 Things Inspired By The Earth’s Axial Tilt

On this Winter Solstice, I thought I would share ten things with you, inspired by the Earth’s axial tilt.

The Deer Mother 

You know about santa but did you know about the flying deer mother, bringing forth the sun? Our family loves this tale. 

Gingerbread Stonehenge 

 One of these Solstice’s, we are going to make this. We made homemade from scratch gingerbread once upon a time and this would be so much fun to create.

  Lego Stonehenge

While we haven’t made an edible Gingerbread Stonehenge, making one of lego is a challenge we are up to!

Wassailing might be frowned upon this year with all the restrictions, but what about some kid friendly wassail? What I appreciate about the history of wassailing, is that it is a reminder that winter celebrations lasted long past the 20th, or 25th of the month. 

The Yule Faeries 

A cute story about a group of Faeries learning about the sun’s return

Solstice Night by PJ Tucker 

 My favourite Winter Solstice song 

The Yule Feast and Other Winter Traditions 

 Hear about Yule’s origins. 

Decor for the Winter Solstice-Waste Free

    Using simple items, make Solstice’s decorations! I don’t have a dehydrator, but a couple of hours in the oven, at a low temp, will dry out the oranges. 

Lore from the Druids.

     Read about what some Druids believe and the connection to Arthur Pendragon. 

Virtual Labyrinth Celebration 

        From St. Peter’s United Church, in Sudbury Ontario, a virtual Labyrinth walk. 


If it’s making Yule logs and Stonehenge Gingerbread or wrapping gifts or going to see the Christmas lights or just another Monday, I hope your winter days ahead are bright and merry and you find things this winter that brings joy into your home. 



An unschooling mama witch, writing about finding magick in the every day.

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