Five Shows We Watched This Week

Ah, that was a week. 

That was a week that felt hard. 

A week that felt emotional. 

A week where my well was emptying faster than I could refill it. 

 I was dealing with physical pain this week, my mate working all hours and I was struggling to find the time for my own work. 

This week saw many late nights, with everyone being up late and later. 

And later and really, really late. 

Parenting the way we do, can be tiring when other things, like physical pain, is taking a lot of attention. I have become practiced at zeroing in on the small things, reminding myself that these hands aren’t going to be this tiny forever, these needs aren’t going to be this needy and just a constant reminder to myself, that the only thing I really need to do, is to be kind and that got me through in one piece, more or less. 

We talked about COVID-19, this week a new layer to the conversation with things starting to open up, here. 

“When will they open up stuff for kids?” my child, who misses friends and being out in our community asked. 

“That’s a good question. I don’t know”, I replied. 

“Are you scared of the virus?” 

“I’m not scared of the virus, I am curious about the virus”, I answered. “Are you scared about the virus?”

“No. I don’t want to wear a mask.”

“I get that. Masks can be uncomfortable and feel like an infringement on your space. You don’t have to wear a mask but that might mean you can’t go into certain places”, I said. 

Is it fair to say I feel bored by the virus? Bored of all the precautions and the conversations and explaining it all. Or maybe “done” is a better word. 

 I feel done with the virus. 

Nothing makes my mama heart sore more than to see my children playing freely. We went on hikes this week, in big open spaces and explored new trails, that helped keep my mama heart buoyant and eased some of the emotional exhaustion I was feeling. 

We took a lot of solace in our media this week and here are five things we watched together. 


1. Baby Long Legs 

We have been following along with Baby Long Legs, since the baby giraffe was born at the Toronto Zoo back in May. The kids have enjoyed seeing how the giraffe has grown and all the new things it gets up to. 


2. Carnage 

Take an old car, deck it out with spikes and armour and send it out against another car, watch it drive into a massive arena and compete and the car who survives the smashy-smash goes onto the next run. 

 Look, this is not my thing. But my mate found it on Amazon Prime one night and couldn’t look away from it and my child found Dad watching it and now they watch it together. 


3. Queer Kid Stuff 

We love Lindsay and Teddy. This week, with talk about the local solidarity march, we re-watched this episode on “What is RACE?” 



4. Sesame Street explains BLM 

The kids didn’t watch the entire Sesame Street town hall but they watched this short video and it helped to further explain the origin of BLM, because that was a question I had earlier in the week after my child saw a sign someone was holding and asked me what the letters meant. 

 We talked a lot this week about how the police aren’t always the good guys. 

5. I love watching artists of all genres create and my child got in to this show with me, it was fun to watch teams of florists create stunning sculptures made of flowers, plants and other materials, in The Big Flower Fight. 


We love technology and I love that so often art imitates life and all I love the access to all the resources that can help explain the headlines or what the grown-ups are talking about.

Peaceful parenting doesn’t mean keeping my kids in a bubble and I feel not talking to them about things they hear us talk about or things they see is unfair. I know there is an idea of keeping the headlines away from your kids and I sometimes struggle with that, because it sounds lovely and idealistic but I also know kids can handle talking about what’s going on in the world and it is their world too.

How was your week, friends? Did you come across any resources that helped to explain the world?

I have had a request if I could write about book promotion for teens/tweens and I am working on a post for next week. I am open to working with new clients on their promotion and publicity needs if you are interested or have a question or something you would like to see me write about, get in touch here:


An unschooling mama witch, writing about finding magick in the every day.

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