About Me

Hi! thanks for dropping by!

When I was growing up, my plan was to write a lot of books and have a couple of goats and live out in the country, content as a solitary witch.  

 Life had other plans.

 Here I am, a mama of two amazing beautiful kids, they are stars!

I am a peaceful parent who believes our children need: 

Love, respect, trust and autonomy. 

I am an unschooler, who believes: 

Children are always learning and can find and follow their own interests. 

Being a mama is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I’m still a witch, though a little less solitary because I ended up with an incredible husband and no goats in sight.

Instead of a country cottage,  we live in a mid-size city in a one-bedroom apartment.

And it turns out, I am great at promoting other people’s books. In 2009, I (by accident) became a book publicist, I freelance as both an author publicist and book publicist.  I grew from working with books and authors, to include working with those in unique niches. 

And coffee.

Love the coffee.

Not as much as the children.

But a lot. 

Thanks for reading!

You can get in touch with me here: admin@raisingmagick.com

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